Selby Swing Bridge

The Selby Swing Bridge is a true Victorian wonder and a phenomenon of engineering excellence; it’s astonishing to believe since the 1880’s the ability to disconnect a section of double track main line, raise it, turn it through 90°with millimetres to spare and then return it to its original position, and all within the space of minutes, has been happening on a daily basis ... Originally constructed in 1889 across the River Ouse and subject to partial modernisation in the 1960’s after 125 years of operation, the bridge has recently undergone the most extensive refurbishment in its history. The Project Initially the refurbishment was expected to cost around £4m but with up to 130 trains a day now using the bridge, a serious rethink was required and as a consequence, a £14m project was born. The extensive overhaul has not only enabled Network Rail to raise the speed and weight restrictions on the bridge but it will also ensure that no further major maintenance will be required for decades. The Design Team AGH Engineering were the main contractors to Network Rail and it was AGH that tasked McGeoch to provide a suitable LED lighting solution for this exceptional environment Lighting Design Although the area is not officially classed as hazardous, the vibration of the trains passing over creates a unique and challenging area to illuminate. As a specialist at offering lighting for harsh areas, McGeoch was able to provide a perfect solution with the 17W Endurance luminaire which is robust in design and manufactured to withstand the challenges of a Zone 1 and 21 environment. Selby Swing Bridge Undergoing Refurbishment Refurbishment Complete Refurbishment Complete Summary of LED benefits Instant on No flicker Reliability No maintenance Power saving in excess of 50% Resistance to shock and vibration Better quality of uniform light Share This Blog