Hazardous Area Lighting Search Facility

McGeoch's legacy of engineering brilliance has been channelled into the design, development and manufacture of a new, innovative range of ATEX approved LED Hazardous Area Lighting, designed to meet the future of low energy, high efficiency, health & safety and environmental demands of the marine & submarine, offshore, oil & gas and petrochemical industries. Under the waves and on the surface, the name of McGeoch has long been synonymous with high quality lighting and electrical systems - for nearly 200 years in fact. The company's new range of Hazardous Area Lighting and complementary electrical fittings is particularly suitable for use in high risk areas where potentially explosive gases and dusts may exist. Where there is a hazardous or industrial area to light, McGeoch now has the perfect solution. And where there is an existing conventional or fluorescent fitting in place, McGeoch's new first-of-the-range Endurance LED Luminaire provides an easily- fitted direct replacement, its innovative and modular design guaranteeing a long, virtually maintenance-free service life - and all at a value-for-money price. Our new website provides extensive information on the wide range of products and services available from McGeoch LED Hazardous Area Lighting. If you haven't already found exactly what you are looking for, simply type it below ...


Endurance Luminaire

LED Automatic Emergency Light
Astute Type N Luminaire

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