Hazardous Area Lighting - LED Automatic Emergency Light

The McGeoch LED Automatic Emergency Light (AEL) is a solid state miniature unit utilising the very latest LED technology to provide controlled lighting over a 180° horizontal field of view and is particuarly suitable for any potentially explosive, hostile or hazardous environment, especially where flammable gases may be present.   The unit is designed to illuminate for a minimum period of 6 hours following power failure. It will fully recharge within 16 hours of power being restored.   In an emergency situation, the AEL will provide clear exit lighting and with minimum maintenance, a long, trouble-free service life.   The McGeoch AEL is fully tested and certified by all the relevant authorities including SIRA (click on links in table below for examination certificate and report) and conforms to all international standards for use in Zone 2 (Ex N II T5 IP68 Ta = -20°C to +70°C).   The AEL is a solid state unit utilising white LED's mounted within a polycarbonate cover in order to provide illumination. The polycarbonate cover mates with the lid of a die cast enclosure, sealed by a gasket. The overall enclosure is designed to meet the requirements of BS 6941: 1988 using the 'restricted breathing' method.   Key features include ...   High intensity LED technology Unique light reflector Illumination test button with LED charging indicator Standard voltages: 110V AC/DC and 240V AC Low power consumption High shock and vibration resistant Rugged, vandal-proof enclosure Base Housing: Cast Aluminium Clear Lens: Acrylic