Hazardous Area Lighting - Astute Type N Luminaire

The McGeoch Astute Type N Luminaire has been specifically developed for the Astute Nuclear Powered Submarine project to provide lighting in the weapons stowage and battery compartments but could be easily adapted for use in any potentially explosive, hostile or hazardous environment, especially where flammable gases may be present. Such applications commonly exist throughout the marine & submarine, offshore, oil & gas and petrochemical industries.   The luminaire is fully tested and certified by all the relevant authorities including SIRA (click on links in table on following page for examination certificate and report) and conforms to all international standards for use in Zone 2 (Ex nR nC II T5 Ta = +15°C to +35°C).   The McGeoch Astute Type N Luminaire consists of a fabricated steel enclosure with a polycarbonate diffuser housing twin lamps with integral power supply and control gear.   The metallic parts of the luminaire enclosures are manufactured in steel and are rectangular in shape. They comprise two parts, namely the lid and the body. The lid is attached to the body by 12 x M5 screws. A clear polycarbonate diffuser is sandwiched between the lid and the body with a solid silicone rubber gasket between the lens and the body providing ingress protection. The internal layout and the use of Mylar and Nylon insulators ensure the required creepage, clearance and separation distances are maintained.   Within the luminaire are mounted ...   2 x 18W compact fluorescent lamps mounted via purpose designed lamp holders Power supply module + ballast can which is designed to meet the requirements as a sealed drive A suppressor containing toroids and transorb components Connection terminals   Two cable entries are mounted at each end of the enclosure - a total of four. This allows for the use of dual incoming power cables and through wiring. The nominal power is 115V AC, 60HZ. The luminaire may also be used in single supply configuration. Certified Ex e blanking plugs meeting the IP68 0.1 bar ingress protection requirements must be fitted to any unused cable entry holes.